Kartnova for over 15 years, works mainly in the development of innovative solutions for the sanding of wood surfaces and derivatives. Our long experience in this specific field allows-us to develope several tecnologies able to increase the speed and the quality work compared to the traditional hand sanding work. The constant tecnological research and the estimation of every single request from the client had led us to develope a range of products, completely patented, able to provide a excellent solution to the well known problems of wood sanding.
Kartnovadesigns and produces a range of sanding machines specifically for the use of sanding wheels for wooden profiles and derivatives.
The use of the wheels and sanding machines has long been selected for a wide range of products, such as:

    » Sanding of kitchen doors and bathroom forniture profiles
    » Sanding of wood objects profiles
    » Sanding of windows and doors profiles

Kartnova has also patented and industrialized a paint system able to eliminate the paint dust in the finishing stages of the flat surfaces, through the production of a particular machine (Antis) able to obtain the maximum surface cleaning with exceptionally low running costs.

Sanding wheel machines


The D 30 SERIES wheel sanding machines were designed for sanding of wood profiles and derivatives. They allow to perform sanding operations of any profile: straight or curved, flat or profiled, of any  shape or size. Thanks to versatility of the sanding machines and the effectiveness  of the sanding wheels, is possible to get a high final sanding quality in less time than that required with manual methods. .



Antis to resolve permanently the paint dust problem surfing the painting operations of mainly flat elements, such as furniture doors, shelves, doors, etc. Thanks to Antis is not necessary to protect with film masks or with the 'so-called' peeling paints the parts to protect from the paint dust.

The flat upper surface, on which slides a high resistance paper tape, guarantees a perfect contact with the elements placed on, preventing to the splashes of paint to reach the lower part of the element to paint; also with the sliding tape system with the delivery reel and take-up reel, the working surface is always protected by the wrapped by the clean tape, ready to put new elements to paint.

Thanks to its high autonomy given by the paper reel, Antis is able to make a free paint dust painting, with running costs and time significantly lower to those of most other systems.

Solutions for the sanding of wood
Wood sanding wheels


Tape advancement system with pneumatic gear-motor unit. The speed may vary by a mobile treadle.

-Turning surface with locking system

-Regulation of the tape tension system

-Surface area mm 1700x700

-Available on request in different sizes .

Antis can by used both manual and automatic coats . It's also possible to equipped the machine for the treatment of curved elements. Antis works only pneumatically and do not require any electrical connection, in order to maximize the safety in the painting departments. Easy to use thanks to the mobile command treadle and to the turning surface.


Sanding wheels

The rubber sanding wheels are able to provide excellent result in every single shaped surface, both rough or painted.

Their efficacy is guaranteed by our long experience in the sanding field.

The wheels may vary by hardness of the rubber, diameter and thickness. Is possible to add abrasives cloth of any grain.

The use of the sanding wheel may be extended to squaring machines, squaring-edgebanders, moulders, spindle moulder, drills, cnc working centers.

Sanding of kitchen doors

Sanding tools
Sanding wheels for wood

Solutions for the sanding of wood

Sanding discs

The sanding discs represent the ultimate in wood sanding profiles.

It's compose by a plastic material support where a layer of rubber is apply. Thereafter the layer can be shaped according to the geometry of the profile to sand.

The disc is assembled between two metal flanges that increases the rigidity of all system and ensure maximum stability during the operations.

With the sanding discs there's no longer the problem of abrasive replacement. Take few seconds to replace the old disc with a new one.

Tools & Brushes


Brushes in rugged cloth with a nylon filament support, for the finishing of shaped elements both rough of painted.

Available for the 100 up to 300 diameters , with variable length according to the application requested.

Brushes in tynex, specific to convert the resinous wood (yellow pine, pine, fir and similar) into rustic style wood.

Available for the 100 up to 300 diameters, with variable length according to the application requested.